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     Kebab consider Caucasian cuisine and produce its name from the Turkic word 'fig' - spit. Thus, 'barbecue' in the literal sense - is the dish, roasted on a spit.
However, if you delve into the subtleties of language, the most numerous Turkic speaking peoples of the Caucasus - Azerbaijan - the proverbial barbecue called 'kebab', and in Turkey in general 'shish-kebab'. Incidentally also called kebab and Bulgaria, whose language and gastronomy was strongly influenced by Turkey.
     At the same time in the Caucasus themselves spit on which meat skewer, skewers call that certainly goes back to the word 'ramrod'. And it is on the skewer from the muskets and arquebuses grilled meat in the old hunters and soldiers. Although in general, look for historical ancestral barbeque - a thankless task.After cooking on an open fire - an ancient way of cooking product. He passed all nations without exception, as highly civilized and deprived the benefits of civilization.
     Moreover, the dish is, despite its apparent simplicity is always around the holiday.Roasted on a spit of whole carcasses of wild boar and bison with hoary antiquity and until the middle of XVIII century was equally prevalent in both the East and Western Europe.In 'The paintings meat from the king' and other monuments XVI-XVII centuries mentions 'spinning' chickens, ducks, rabbits and meat. One can assume that this is a dish, roasted on a spit - except for what's all this 'spit'?
     In the West and in America 'spinning' dishes became 'turning upside down' - it is the custom to cook the meat in a roasting pan on the grate, called 'barbecue'.
      In Russia, however, get out into nature, made to feast on barbecue - and a rare man does not consider himself an expert in the preparation of this simple, supposedly dishes. Barbecue, being a typical Caucasian dishes familiar to pastoral, pastoral peoples, especially Gorsky.
In Georgia barbecue nazyvaeyut 'mtsvadi' in Armenia - 'khorovats', and in Azerbaijan - 'kebab'.In the Caucasus, for every nation kebab is the national dish and, therefore, has not only its name, but also prepare it at ayzerbaydzhantsev, Georgians and Armenians in many ways - and each believes that only in his home country barbecue prepared correctly, with all the features and get the most delicious. And it would be strange if it were otherwise.
      Kebab made from pork loin or back leg of lamb carcass, liver, kidney, Loin. Or pork, sometimes use pieces of beef and veal. Nice kebabs, poultry and fish. Roasted on a spit of tomatoes, eggplant, onion.



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